As well as joining in with other charitable happenings in the Littlehampton area, the staff and friends of The New Inn regularly organise events which support both local and national charities, and we enjoy creating a lot of fun for everyone while we're doing it; from family-friendly events, street fairs, auctions, disco nights and even growing moustaches, as well as weekly and monthly raffles through our poker nights and pub quizzes.

With everyone coming together and all our efforts combined, from the smallest donations to the largest collective contributions, The New Inn and all of our generous friends are very proud to have 'made a difference' to the worthy causes we support.

Racing Day - 24th September 2017
supporting River Beach Primary School
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Loads Of Fun for a Local Cause

Charity Thanks

River Beach Primary School motto is
'Every Child, Every Chance, Every Day'.

Visit the school website to learn more

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Hope To See You Next Time!

Red Day - 9th June 2017
supporting British Heart Foundation
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Red Day Part 1

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Red Day Part 2

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Red Day Part 3

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Looking for Donors

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BHF 'Red Day' was a national event
and The New Inn went all out in support

To find out more about what British Heart Foundation does Click Here

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